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A Little About Me

My name is Edwin Mak and I'm a software developer wielding 8+ years of software engineering experience. I've worn different hats in my career, from being a individual contributor, lead developer, and manager within startup & non-profit projects. I'm passionate about building great software that serves people wither it is through coding myself or help lead a team to rise to the occasion & challenge.

On the interwebs, you can find me contributing to non-profit projects via Ruby For Good and writing about software development.

Born and raised in New York City. Currently based in the city of Bogotá, Colombia living with my wife and our spicy cat 🐱.

Edwin is a developer who "gets it."

Sean MarciaFounder & CEO - Ruby For Good

Homer Logistics

logistics startup acquired

Homer Logistics focused on optimizing food delivery within New York City through technology and partnerships with restaurants.

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Lingo Live

edtech leadership global

Lingo Live is a global coaching platform that delivers coaching session covering leadership skills

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Human Essentials

non-profit open source ruby-on-rails

Human Essentials is an inventory management system that was built help non-profits banks to deliver goods to people the community

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Recently Published
Sun Sep 04 2022
Sprinkling StimulusJS - Light JS Without Heavy Choices
A dive into using StimulusJS on when it is suitable to use and my experience with it.
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