👋 Hello, My Name IS Edwin MAk

Lead Software Engineer

More than half a decade of software development experience. I have contributed and led software development through startups, non-profits, and open source projects.

Let’s build things that matter together🛠️🚀 !

A brief introduction Of MySELF

How can I help? I am open to coding, talk strategy, and/or mentoring.

I’am passionate about buildings and shipping things that matter. The way in which I achieve that varies depending on the situation. I sometimes write & review code if more minds are needed to solve those problems “on the ground”. Other times when the direction is unclear — it might be time to take our hands off the keyboard & set up a meeting to map out where we are going so we don’t get lost. Or maybe it devotes time to level up your team so that your team (and not just you) are able to tackle that next big problem. These are just some ways that we can do the work and ship work that matters. Let’s get shipping 🚢!

If any of this sounds interesting to you and want to collaborate, I’d love to hear from you. Check out my contact info to know how to reach me.

Some *NOT ALL* Tools Out Of MY TOol KIT
A snapshot of the front page of humanessentials.app
Current Project(s)

Human Essentials

I’am a core maintainer & contributor to the Human Essentials project.

Human Essentials, maintained & developed by Ruby For Good, is a non-profit inventory management system that was built to address the needs of essential banks that distribute diapers, period supplies, and other essentials to people in need.

It has over 200 registered banks across the United States at no cost to them. It is currently helping over 3 million children receive diapers and over 400k period supply recipients receive period supplies. Our team is in partnership with the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) and can be found in their annual conference that brings numerous non-profit organizations that distribute essential products to people.

Want to help out? Come check out the repository here.

Ruby On Rails
Project Management
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Lingo Live

I’am a Lead Engineer & former Head Of Engineering at Lingo Live. I have been contributing to their mission through coding, strategy, and management for the engineering department.

Lingo Live is an EdTech company focused on helping employees be more effective in the workplace with coaching focused on communication & leadership skills. It serves clients globally spanning multiple timezones & Industries.

Interested in what Lingo Live has offered? If so, visit www.lingolive.com for more details.

Ruby On Rails
Javascript (react)
People Management