Human Essentials

Human Essentials is an inventory management system that was built help non-profits banks to deliver goods to people the community
Human Essentials is an inventory management system that was built to address the needs of Diaper Banks as directly and explicitly as possible and later adapted to meet the need of other Essentials Banks. Essentials Banks maintain inventory, receive donations and other means of intaking human essentials supplies (e.g. diapers, period supplies), and issue distributions to community partner organizations. Like any non-profit, they also need to perform reports on this data and have day-to-day operational information they need as well. This application aims to serve all those needs, as well as facilitate, wherever possible the general operations of the Diaper Bank themselves (eg. through using barcode readers, scale weighing, inventory audits).
  • Serves over 200 registered banks across the United States at no cost to them
  • 400k period supply recipients receive period supplies through Human Essentials
  • Delivered diapers to over 3 million children
My Contributions
  • Greatly simplify codebase by merging two databases into a single database for higher productivity
  • Acting lead developer that maintains project through code reviews and managing releases
  • Mentor newer developers via the Ruby For Good events so that they have the skills to contribute and use those skills to get job opportunities
Human Essentials
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